1.) How is Forgotten Angels different from other group homes?

First of all, Forgotten Angels is NOT a group home, it is just simply a home. The kids are treated like our own. Our young residents have their own belongings, chores, responsibilities and are treated like family. We have enrichment opportunities like attending Lightning, Buccaneers and Rays games. We do movie outings, fishing, hiking and just plain having fun on the 12.5 acre property that they love to be on.

2.) Why did I start Forgotten Angels?

I aged out of foster care myself. I know what the kids are going through and have a better that normal idea of what they deal with, and what their struggles are!

3.) What do we hope to accomplish with Forgotten Angels?

We want to establish a “new normal” for not only the kids we assist, but to show the entire foster care field that these young people are worth more than just a bed and three meals. They deserve to be loved, nurtured, appreciated, trusted and supported. We provide all that and more!

Doing It Right!

Don’t worry about the things you can’t do. Focus on the things that you can. We are a foundation of hope, love,prayers and action!