Who We Are And What We Do

Cindy Tilley
President and Founder

My name is Cindy Tilley, and I grew up in the foster care setting. I know how hard it can be, and how easy it is to lose your way. I started this nonprofit for kids who have aged out of foster care. Some of the kids come from rough homes, or simply need a helping hand. I strive to give these special individuals a place to feel like they belong, and to help them find their way. Whether it’s motivating them further their education, get prepared for school, or simply helping them get them a haircut. We are here for them. We are here to assist with creating or updating a resume to apply for a great position or career. We know that life’s basics should not be taken for granted. When a need is identified, the foundation will do its best to provide.

This nonprofit will be an incredible opportunity for those we serve and those touched by the opportunity to reach others. We are here for all whom want to be a part of something positive and life changing. Together we are walking hand in hand through adolescents and beyond to set the course for a brighter future.

We Need Your Help