Quinton Aaron

Spokesperson – Ambassador of Goodwill

I am so honored that Forgotten Angels and The Quinton Aaron Foundation have merged to establish a new, dynamic organization that will leave no rock unturned in our efforts to save the lives of at-risk children. During my 33 years, I have experiences some very diffcult times. Since filming ended on The Blind Side, I have been working to save to lives of at-risk children from being bullied. It in my prayer that this organization will protect all children from all forms of issues. I look to generous people like to you continue to do the work I do.

Cindy Tilley

President and Founder

This nonprofit was startedfor kids who have aged out of foster care or that come from rough home lives and just need a helping hand. I want to give these special individuals a place to feel like they belong and help them find their way. Whether it’s helping them further their education, or get prepared for school or work by getting them a haircut, new clothes, or updating a resume this foundation will be there for them. As adults, we know that life’s basics should not be taken for granted. When a need is identified, the foundation will do its best to lend a helping hand. I grew up in a foster care setting. I know how hard it can be and how easy it is to lose your way. I want to make a difference and make sure these kids have good role models to look up to and avoid making bad choices.

David Tyler

Executive Director

One of the best days of my life, was the day I learned how much of a blessing our children are to us. “The Art of Working With Children” was the very first class I took in college. I taught 25 special needs children that would bless me beyond words on the very first day, sending me down the pathway to working with children for life! Countless hours of psychology classes, hundreds of events supporting children, becoming a volunteer Guardian at Litem has got me to where I am today. Every bit as passionate about helping people as I ever have been.

Rex Sano

Vice President

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